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Since 1990 we have been building our position on the international automotive market according to the principle of continuous development. However, out of all our successes we are most proud of the Team we have managed to create. Specialists, who are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, and at the same time truly passionate - these are the people who make up POLSTARTER, a stable business partner with long family traditions. It is thanks to them that we could afford such a dynamic development. If you add to this attention to detail and the unquestionable quality of our work, it is no wonder that today we belong to the small group of the largest companies in Europe engaged in remanufacturing, increasing the value and usefulness of starters and alternators. And all this in compliance with the highest ecological standards.

The best in the industry

Success that you are part of

Years of experience mean not only increasing knowledge, but also a large number of satisfied customers. We believe that they are part of our success – for which we would like to thank them. All this, together with our work and a team of 70 employees, has enabled us to make a name for ourselves as the best company in the industry throughout Europe. We work on an industrial scale and at the same time we maintain the highest quality both in the process of remanufacturing used and distributing new starters and alternators.


Multi-level control

The basic premise of our production process is simple – to remanufacture components so that they guarantee many years of trouble-free service. This requires a multi-level internal control of each stage of work, but results in the satisfaction of customers who come back to buy more. Uncompromising commitment, quality control and dynamic development are the pillars of our company. If we add to this the positive impact on environmental protection resulting from the use of proven components, we get the full picture of a modern and strong brand. Our customers from all over the world cannot be wrong.


POLSTARTER. You can trust us.

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