POLSTARTER is a leader in the market of remanufactures starters, and a distributor of high-quality starters of renowned brands. It offers devices for passenger cars and delivery trucks of all brands, as well as starters for industrial, HD, forklifts, agriculture and more

You can easily find the device you are looking for in our printed and online catalogues, or using the applications on our website.

Should you have any problems with finding the correct device, we will be glad to help you on our infoline 0048 8 301 76 14 or our webshop

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Polstarter's remanufacturing standards:

  • threads in mounting holes are corrected, in order to simplify proper fitting of starter in a car;
  • solenoid switch is disassembled, all internal parts are cleaned, contacts and springs are inspected and replaced if needed. A complete piece is being tested after reassembly;
  • brusholder springs and brushes are inspected and replaced if needed.
  • armature - cleaned and polished, commutator is turned, undercut and polished;
  • drive dismantled and cleaned, rollers and springs are replaced if needed
  • bushings are inspected and replaced if needed.




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