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Polstarter – an experienced partner

Our company was established in 1990. Since then we have successfully operated in both the domestic and international markets. Our strong team is built of specialists and professionalswell experienced in their jobs, which makes their cooperation lively and satisfying. Thanks to its dynamic development and meticulous care about detail when performing the services Polstarter has joined the narrow group of the largest European companies dealing in upgrading treatment of starters and alternators. We truly thank our clients for the trust they put in us!


Best in the branch – that is obliging!

Over all these years of buildingexperience in our effort to maximise expertise in regeneration of starters and alternators our team has grown to the current number of 50 members. We have also become one of the largest European companies in our field and earned the reputation of the best one. Today, we are able to offer our services in the industry scale in the area of regenerating used starters and alternators and distributing new ones. Our priority is to improve quality of the components so that to ensure years of failure-free operation. We invest much to that end and focus on multi-stage internal control at each stage of the works. Polstarter’sadamant commitment, quality control, and dynamic growth are its foundation pillars which have made it the top company in Europe in terms of work effectiveness and organization.

Our aim is to refine components so as to achieve their highest quality, which in turn leads to their long and failure-free lifespan. An additional advantage of remanufacturing is the resulting protection of natural environment by recycling components which would otherwise pollute our environment.


Polstarter's remanufacturing standards:



  • threads in mounting holes are corrected, in order to simplify proper fitting of starter in a car;
  • solenoid switch is disassembled, all internal parts are cleaned, contacts and springs are inspected and replaced if needed. A complete piece is being tested after reassembly;
  • brusholder springs and brushes are inspected and replaced if needed.
  • armature - cleaned and polished, commutator is turned, undercut and polished;
  • drive dismantled and cleaned, rollers and springs are replaced if needed
  • bushings are inspected and replaced if needed.



  • threads in brackets are corrected, repaired using repair threads if needed.
  • stators are tested, replaced if short-circuited
  • rotor is cleaned, tested and rust-protected, replaced if short-circuited. Sliprings are turned and cut to the rated diameter;
  • voltage regulator is cleaned, tested; brushes, springs or a complete part is replaced if needed;
  • rectifier tested, single diodes or a complete part is replaced if needed.
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